Lots of crashes during start

Much more crashes on start ups with 9 than I had with 8.5
Still PLAYVST.DLL causes the crash sometimes (latest version installed) but more often the cause is(I use Windows logs) the

Does anyone have mor einformation about this?
It’s very annoying offcourse. Mostly I have to make 4 or 5 starts before I can work in Cubase.

by the way , I have a Cubase-crashdumpfile for this matter, but can’t read it.


Please list your exact version in your post or signature.

Sorry, I am using Cubase PRO 9.01.10, coming from 8.5, on Windows 7 with all its updates.


please contact support sending the crash dumps - it’s not really possible to determine the cause of opening or exit without analysis. [Edit: when crashing on intialisation, it’s importanto to note which process is being peformed prior to the crash ]

Thank you.

Okay, I will do that

One thought - do you have the latest (5.01 I think) version of Play?

I occasionally will get a crash when Play is loading, but I’ve been blaming it on Play. Sometimes the loading of samples “freezes” and when it does, Cubase crashes. After a system restart everything is fine again. It happens to me every so often. Most of the time it loads fine.


fwiw, also a lot of crashes on first starting. 9.0.10 upgrade from 8.0.40. silly things like clicking in a certain place, no actual work done.

Indeed I updated the play to the latest version, and read about the fix of crashes.
But i still have those.
And do even not use play, i only have two libraries for it and currently not in use.
So I did pit de playDLL out of use by deleting the last letter.
Still crashes cubase a lot while launching.

I never get a crash, has not happened in C9 yet, and I’m using EW Play all the time.
But I never updated it beyond version 4, I have learned the hard way with EW :frowning:

i just bought c9 couple of days ago , it crashes on me a lot i don’t why , but it does
i am on mac
anyone here know the reason why it behave like that !

I don’t know, Cubase 9 pro new. You’ll have to give use a little more information, like when it crashes, which plugins you use if at all, etc…

You can also find the crash dump .dmp files and send them to Steinberg.