Lots of Crashing

First off, I am loving Cubase 8.0.5 for the most part. There are lots of great performance improvements. However, for me Cubase 8 seems to crash all of the time. Sometimes when it autosaves. Sometimes when I’m auditioning an instrument or selecting a track. Sometimes just playing my project. I don’t see much of a pattern. I do have large 40+ GB templates. My processors are averaging 30-40% and my RAM is 2/3 used. I’m not pushing my system hard at all.

When it crashes it either does 2 things: 1.) Just hangs/freezes my entire computer (I can’t even use my mouse) and I have to force-restart or 2.) Cubase will freeze for a bit and just vanish, but still sometimes be in my processes taking up RAM in the task manager.

I use Eastwest Play and have been getting weird VST performance issues – they say it has to do with my graphics drivers (still has not been fixed). Not sure if that is related, but it is worth mentioning. My BIOS, drivers, chipsets, Windows, everything is updated.

I experience more crashes than in 7.5 too…
You should probably do something about EWQL Play…I made several crashlogs analysed by the technical support, and it was Play that caused the crash for a lot of them…Now I load Play exclusively in VEP and no more crashes because of that.

I’m posting here because of this thread’s title. My Cubase 8.0.5 crashes several time per session, with no apparent pattern. It just freezes up and I have to force quit the application, or it just shuts down and gives me the shut down dialogue to add insult to injury. I’d become reliant on a stable Cubase platform, but now I’m reliant on the backups to save my ass after crashes. OK, Steinberg, what gives with the unstable version 8?