Lots of Latency when using plugins in Wavelab

Hello Wavelab users, I seem to be gettting a lot of latency on playback when using plugins on the clips…like up to 10-12 seconds between hitting the spacebar & playback actually starting! Usually I’m just EQulibrium which I know is a power hog, but it continues even when I bypass any plugins on songs I’m not working on at that time. Does anyone have a solution, or buffer setting recommendations for reducing this playback latency?
I’m running ver 9.5 on a Mac.

Edit: This is also a problem when A/Bing tracks in Wavelab if I have plugins(s) on them.
Example: comparing the orig mix & revised mix on two separate tracks with the same plugins on both. I get 3-6 seconds of latency with muted sound when I switch between soloing each track.

I never heard about this kind of latency. A plugin latency is rarely above 100 milliseconds.
In the effect window, there is a latency indication, once playback was started. What do you see?
If you don’t use this plugin, do you have this issue?

Same problem here.
using T-RackS Stealth Limiter on Montage Output (not master section).
In the effect window, there is a latency of 102ms
When I render tho whole montage or just the first clip, the rendered file don’t print the first 2 or 3 seconds of the song.
It does not occur when the plugin is bypassed or using Waves L3
tx a lot.

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Thanks MGil, you clued me in to what I needed to do to resolve same issue (T-Racks Suite w/over 400 ms latency and Stealth Limiter with 104ms. I moved clip over and put cd marker seconds ahead of clip now whole thing renders. Easy to trim after.