Lots of Noise with my new ur22c?

Just started back up with playing and recording after years. Bought the ur22c, installed cubase Ai and goodies, rewired my jackson rrr3 (actiive emgs), and started in on my high end asus laptop with windows 10 (upgraded to 11 and alls the same). Everything works, sounds great and works just like it should but…The Prob… all this line noise, staic, distortion. I cant even use the DSP on high gain or so much noise. Forget adding my toontrack EZmix distorted guitars…just white noise for days. Ive tried a software noise gate, a physical noise gate. Cables are good. Guitar is clean and smooth all by itself. With the guitar unplugged I add the ur22c DSP high gain amp and my system is shooshing for days…??? I feel Like Im missing something. 1st thought was a bad pre but input 1 does the same. Anybody got any ideas on this? This is not a ground or earthing thing, somehting just is reacting wrong.

You must be very observant of the input level into ezmix or dsp apps, as an overload going in will render the kind of results you are describing. Not at my computer atm, but most plugins I use for amp sim have an input gain meter, I think exmix has that too.

Thank you.

Thats some good advice to try when im home later. Although i feel if i
lower the input to much it will dilute the high gain tones. But i will try
fo sho!

Also forgot to mention last.night, if i sit with my guitar plugged in and all
knob ajustments at correct levels and have my guitar volume OFF with
zero sound the meters are rising and falling and have terrible background
noise. And again only with the dsp high gain amps or my ezmix high gain
amps. Feels like a software issue.

Any thoughts?

I just tried this out, and with Ezmix 2 and the highest gain amp things i have (Heavy Gitz is a favourite haha) there is a lot of noise even without anything plugged in. Which is not really strange, as high gain amps amplify everything a lot:)
But then, I would say the levels are real low compared to the guitar sound:)
Oh, and turning down the output gain on Ezmix removes all the noise.

Thank you. Yes heavy gitz is a good one. And seems your getting the same effect even unplugged so maybe thats the way itll be. Seems tough to get a good take dealing with the noise i can deal if necessary. What exactly did you mean by your last statement, is it good to turn the output down or do you loose the gain along with noise? Suppose i could do my takes low gain and crank it up in the aftermath. Different feel though.

Another thing you mentioned high gain amps make alot of noise but back in the day my live rig would have more gain than darrell on it and with a decimator you could hear a pin drop until i touch those strings. So thats why i was confused i couldnt control this noise. I even plugged my old decimator in front…ya that didnt do it :slight_smile:

I just meant that if you want to make sure it´s the plugin (and that your soundcard is ok) just turn the output all the way down on ezmix. Then there should be NO noise.

About recording, I would suggest getting a good take with whatever settings you are comfortable with, then work with the plugin afterwards. You can stick a gate on the channel after the ampsim, or just naually edit the “silence”. TYhis is what I tend to do, as it can give a more natural feel to the track, instead of the gate chopping things.

Ahh perfect.

Thanks again strummer! I’ll post up if anything changes for the better.


Hey Strummer!

I just wanted to mention that i played around with things last night. Swapped cables, usb, changed buffers ect. Seems your right and it is what it is. I loaded a gate from ezmix in insert 1 before the heavy guitars and it pretty much did the trick. Seems to be an easy fix.

Unfortunately i love the yamaha high gain amp on the ur22c’s dsp but you cant run a gate there. Unless im missing something (its possible) :slight_smile:

DSP Update steinberg?? Noise gate for Dsp effects? Hmmmm

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Hey Tys
You can run the VST version of the amp in your daw, and then you can use a noise gate just as you did with ezmix.

Yes , Got ya! Thats a great idea. I like the idea of the dsp running off the hardware and then Re-amp later. Its all the same really. I’ll keep up the post as I record and fine tune that white noise.

Thank you for your help Strummer! Any new ideas let me know that are working let me know bro!

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