Lots of plugins are not loading in heavy-RAM-Projects

I am experiencing this since years but I was hoping that this was fixed:

In very big projects with high RAM usage I am often not able to insert certain plugins anymore… Most of the Waves plugins (for example CLA3a does not load, CLA2a loads, SSL Channel does not load etc) Soundtoys etc - there is just nothing happening when selecting them for inserting… there is a short “break” in the GUI like it happens when inserting a plugin but nothing happens.

Already inserted / loaded instances of these plugins will load/work and I can copy/dran n drop them, so if there is already one instance of a certain plugin in the project I can “trick” that bug and drag n copy it to a new channel…

Heavy RAM projects: ATM I am using about 20 GB of Ram, 400 tracks…

It IS a RAM issue because when I am fast after loading the project I can insert plugins while Kontakt is buffering… loading up stuff to RAM…

What can I do? I have 1000s of plugins but can use only a few of them ATM in this project…

you don’t list your o/s but assuming Windows it’s probably this issue:


I am on Win7 64 bit and I have 32GB of Ram… oh dear, well - a long read and it seems that there is no solution…?

Damn, I just opened that project in C8.5 and I was able to load quite some plugins again - all of them were not loading in C9 any more… how can things get worse with newer versions? That project isn’t even that big than I often had in the past…

Does freeze tracks in portions help anything?
Tracks that are complete in 8.5, can they freeze and be that as v9 is opened?

Otherwise longterm solution is probably Waves Soundgrid stuff or Vienna Ensemble and spread things over network.

well as I do quite a lot of the “intense” processing on groups and busses the freeze option is not a solution for me. I do not know what happens if you unfreeze a track in a heavy load scenario - maybe the plugin will not load again?

The network thing is what I used in old days a lot but todays machines are capable to handle my needs without all these complicated workarounds… so there needs to be a solution inside Cubase or regarding VST…

The thing is that quite some plugins are still loading - so basically the question is “what is the difference between them and others”…

The Waves CLA 2a loads all the time, the CLA 3a not. I was under the impression they are using similar code… ?!

One way to narrow down might be to start a new fresh project and import some tracks at a time into this new one.
Skip stuff related to vst instrments first, and just go for other tracks.
Or the other way round.

You loose routings, but just see what loads or not.

Possibly get some idea so that you can proceed.

Worst case might be to render stems from what loads and proceed that way.
Then maybe do track archives which maintain more of routings - if possible.

I was plagued with this problem with Windows 10. At some stage over the past 3-4 months Microsoft must have changed something in an update because it disappeared.

I did notice when I had to recall an old project that had the problem from last year the problem came back again but if I’m creating projects from here on its not there. Delighted because it was a total disaster!

Redstone 3 Update didn’t solved that issue, i never had this problem before, it happen just a couple of weeks ago with Nuendo (i did a clean install of Win 10 about 4 months ago), really strange…
All my UAD are JBridge now, as i read in some post that UAD supposedly take more memory in that “C Runtime library”, in my case JBridge was the only way to continue working.

The most recent patch brought this issue back for me, and I’ve heard the same from others.
The previous Cubase 9 version was the best and most stable I’ve had used. However I’ve stuck with the recent patch simply because going back is not really a ideal solution either, but it could be for some of you.

I concur 9.0.20 is better than 9.0.30 in terms of not meeting the plugin limit issue as fast. Might it be to do with the video engine in 9.0.30 taking more slots?