Lots of problems with WL11 and my Mac

I went to use WL on my Mac Pro which is our video computer. First it said WL was “Not Authorized” which it was just before the holidays when I last used it so I reauthorized it. Then the audio which had been working great would not playback or record. I am using an RME ADI-2 fs for my audio interface and it has been flawless since we got it. I checked it out and it was working fine and on the Mac it was showing that the signal was coming into the Mac but WL could not use it for recording. So after about 4 hours troubleshooting and finally getting WL to playback through the RME I decided to reinstall WL 11 and did so. When I went to use WL it said it did not have access to the microphone and I would not be able to use it for recording. So I gave it permission and now I could use it for recording as well as playback. I wasted about 6 hours of my day trying to get it all to work. What a mess. Apple is making things really ridiculously hard and for what reason? My PC with my RME card works GREAT. YUCK!!!

Indeed, this Apple strategy is nonsense for many users.
I could even dare say that it participates in a climate of “anxiety” for the end users, like: “There is danger everywhere, we need to get your authorizations for this and that, because without your authorization, we, Apple, are unsure about safety”.

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So tired of all the “Apple” problems. I think we are going to switch our computer to a PC for video.

Yeah I guess if they go down that path much further it would make sense for macOS to have something like the “simplified” and “complete mode” they have in Logic. Or a macOS Pro.

Sorry, I’ve been on PC for a while. What kinds of problems are you guys referring to?

It sounds like you’re talking about the “unauthorized developer” thing that I assumed was still 1 setting to disable? Is it something else, or is that no longer the case?

No they want you to “authorize” the MAC to use its resources that is why I could not do any recording on WL. BUT they don’t make it easy!


Who does? Steinberg? RME? Apple?

OSX … it has a voracious appetite for user authorizations for the most basic of functions.

Well, that sounds annoying.

Apple…Not user friendly anymore and getting worse every update.

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So is Windows.

I wonder if there’s ever going to be a really good OS again.