Lots to learn with Cubase Seven.

Aloha guys,

Just going over all the new features in C7 and realizing that it
is probably going to take me a couple/few months with it before
I use it in any commercial $$ setting.

Lot’o new stuff; some looks good, some not so good
but the proof will be in the actual application. (pun)

Cubase is changing but no complaints here because that’s what
computers do so well. Change things.

Right or wrong direction, at least things are moving.


My 2cents

I like the mixer concept … hopefully it is as usable as it looks. I wish they had fixed the editors and library to be like that.

I love the mixer.

Unfortunately, I am of no opinion of 99% of the rest of the changes since I don’t use Groove Agent, Variaudio, etc. As a result, I can’t justify (at least based on the prices of upgrades in the past) upgrading from 6.5 to 7 just for the mixer. :frowning:

Don’t use virtual instruments from Steinberg but mixer alone looks like a great upgrade. I am unsure how the tracking over internet feature will work but if it does it will be worth the upgrade cost. I work with so many people that use Pro Tool and DP that if this actually works cross platform I will be ecstatic. Any thoughts on this feature?

I am pleased to see efforts made in the buffer/asio engine. Variaudio 2 sounds interesting also.

The chord track is a cool idea, but how many will actually use it?

I will probably upgrade, but the learning curve will be steep again.

The mixer upgrade alone will make it worth it for me. And the following intrigues me.

View sets
Channel zones
Plugin search
Quick link systems
Track Iocns
Remote Control Editor
VariAudio 2.0
Track search
ASIO-Guard technology

I’m interested in the channel linking they glazed over. It sounds like poor mans VCA. If you can truly make a parameter group and recall it on the fly, we are making some real progress.

+1 here.

Because of my location this would be wonderful.
But I have my doubts because ‘latency’
may be waiting in the wings to attack us.


The plugin will be a free download. So it can be used on every computer. The “reciever” of the signal should have Cubase 7 or Nuendo 6.

It’s a lot of changes and the overwhelming majority is to the better.
There are no really goofy toys like LoopMash, unless you count the Chord Track to that category … maybe.
The main feeling is improvement of what’s already there over bells and whistles for the sake of it.
So nothing spectacular but in the long run it will be … just what Cubase needed.
No new project window but they’re working on it. No need to hurry the base … ka-dshh!
Nobody gets all what they want ever but I think it’s a good version … at least on paper.


on a second thought, the VST Connect could prove to be a spectacular technology so thumbs up for that! :sunglasses:

Two important C7 features that will IMHO go a long way to improving
the entire music production process will be:

1- Safe-Start Mode.
This will really help with locating 3rd party probs and saving possibly
corrupt projects.

2-The HP Z Series Workstation.
Now for the first time as a Cubase Mac user, consideration
to a PC has to be given.
I do not have probs with my Mac but I use my Mac for one thing only.

Anyway when replacement time comes, there is now a very compelling PC option.