Loud Beep Noise while monitoring sound

Hello everybody,

I’ve recently purchased a stainberg URIImk in a store in Tokyo during a short trip. I’ve planned to use it to record my guitar.
As soon as I’ve got home I’ve tried the device, but I’m having huge problems that prevent me from using it.
I add, as a premise, that I’ve have installed the last drivers and and all the Cubase updates and I’ve tried different DAWs

  1. I cannot monitor the sound since I hear a loud beep noise as you can hear from the link. I can only hear myself when I switch all the output through the device and not the DAW (pc), but obviously I can only hear myself playing clean. So, now the only way I can use it is to record in clean and then add effects.


  1. the quality of the recording seems quite poor and of low quality.

Since I will not be able to go back to Tokyo, if I don’t find a solution I’ve pretty much wasted my money. But, since the brand is so famous to be good I still wanna have hope.

Thank you very much in advance.