Loud crackling in the end of files imported from Cubase

I am new to WaveLab but has been using Cubase for many years. I started using WaveLab Elements 9 to build a CD image for the album with our songs. And already after first 10-15 minutes I came across the strange problem with files that I import. Here’s what I am doing:

  1. I prepare tracks with CD quality (44.1 KHz, 16 bit) using Cubase and its dithering plugin (I think it’s called UV22HR), so I already have WAV files in the CD format. I checked the audio files and they don’t have any clicks or spikes, everything sounds great.

  2. In WaveLab Elements 9 import such files and I can see that in the beginning and in the end of the imported file there is a audio spike with almost zero length but almost maximum volume, it looks like the last (and first) bytes of the file are overwritten with some garbage data, and of course when I play the imported clip, I can hear extemely short but audible distortion.

This is very strange because source files are prepared using Cubase, another Steinberg program and I’d expect it to cooperate well with WaveLab.

There must be something wrong in what I am doing, but what go wrong in such simple step as importing a file?

UPDATE! I checked that same files when imported to Cubase don’t have any pops/crackling in their waveforms.

UPDATE 2. Another observation: if I import WAV files without dithering them in Cubase, then no crackling sound is inserted at the edges of the file.

Sounds like a Cubase issue then? Please try opening the file in a third application.

Not sure it’s a Cubase issue because it appears only in WaveLab. I loaded same audio files in Audacity (and Cubase) and they played fine, no crackling sounds at the edges, and waveforms don’t have any peaks in the beginning and the end.

If you have an example file, please pass it to me, for further analysis. Thanks.

Here’s an example of a Wave file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8734289/Hit-CD.wav

It plays fine in Cubase and Audocity, no visible crackling peak in the end of file. But when imported into WaveLab elements it is shown with the peak right at the end of the file, and of course it produce sharp noise at that point.

Well, I don’t see nor hear any crackle at the end of this file, after opening it in WaveLab 9.0.30…

I can’t reproduce here with WL 9.0.30 with OS X 10.11.6
the wav playback fine no clicks or pops at the end
Is’t possible the “.gpk” I mean the peak of wav file has been corrupt ?

regards S-EH

That’s weird. I am using WaveLab Elements 9 that I just downloaded and installed couple of days ago, so I am sure it’s the latest version.

I will re-test everything tonight and post a screenshot of what I am seeing.

Here is a screenshot from WaveLab Element 9.0.30. I just re-imported that WAV file, you can see the peak at the edge, and it’s quite audible.

VagifAbilov, are you using File Open or File Import?

If I use File Import (unknown audio), choose the correct parameters, and leave Data To Ignore at zeros, I can get spike aberrations like you’re getting on my own files (at file starts anyway).

But if I use File Open, which is how files are normally intended to be opened in Wavelab, they look fine.

If that’s what’s going on, it’s because File Import unknown is for special cases, like a file that’s not recognized. It’s not for normal use.

I believe you nailed it Bob, yes I was using File Import because this is how I usually import audio files in Cubase, I also though that File Open is intended to open WaveLab project files, and audio materials should be imported.

I am still puzzled why import operation can result in such artifacts but at least I know how I should be doing it. Thanks a lot!

Yes I can confirm that when I use Open instead of Import, everything is fine.

Thanks again!