Loud High Pitch Sound on Rendering

Hi guys,

when I render MIDI to audio, I get a constant loud high pitch saw wave sound which is clipping all the way beyond 0.0 db

I can confirm that 80% of cases it is reproducible.

The Cubase itself remains responsive though. I got the latest drivers as well.

Don’t know what’s going on. It just happens, when I render. It only does away after reloading of cubase.


Do you use Render In Place or how do you “render” it? Where is the MIDI Track routed to?

So you know where does the nose come from? What happens if you Solo the rendered Audio track, if you Solo the source MIDI Track?

That happens when I render-in-place with VSTi track soloed.
Now I thought I could work around it with using export. Now the same happens after export.

Noise goes away, once quit Cubase.

Just done a test with an empty project. No crash happens on rendering in place or export. When I close the song, the noise goes. Backed up project, still there in the back up.
What could it be? a dodgy plug?Maybe a preference of setting?