loud hissing input channel ur44 problem

today my ur44 has a very very loud hissing noise coming from input 1 channel even though no microphone or cable is plugged into it…its also doing this when no daw is on…ive only had the ur44 for about 2 weeks now and it was bought brand new…any help

well I sent a few requests for help on here and I sent emails too Steinberg support and I even asked my retailer were I bought it from could he ask Steinberg for help and you know what…I never got one reply !!! even my retailer was distgusted that even he didn’t get any help and hes also pretty angry because hes got a pallet full off the ur44s/ur28m that he has to return to Steinberg because all have developed faults and hes not getting any help or support from any of his requests too.
I was there and watched him log into his account and request support but got no reply so in the end he gave me my money back and told me too look at other companys soundcards …

ive been a loyal user/customer of Steinberg for about 20 years way back to the Atari days and you guys create amazing software but your hardware always has been hit and miss and with the issues ive had concerning the ur44 I was distgusted I never got any help or support both on the forums or via personal emails.all I wanted was some help but because you’ve not helped or even tried ive got a refund and im off next week too buy something else…im gutted :frowning:

I have just replied to your email. Last week, most of the team was participating on the Musikmesse and thus the delay. Sorry for that!
The only UK retailer we are currently in contact with is Andertons who sent us UR44s for checking.

If it’s not them, and you do not want to reveal the name in public, please send a PM so I can check who they tried to contact.

Thanks for that. I have exactly the same problem. It goes away when I boot up Cubase (7.5) But when I monitor any track with the VST amp rack on insert, it hisses like a very hi gain amp is on in the background and the vu shows a good input signal but there is hardly any sound but hiss!! I’ve just updated the firmware but it’s still the same. Help please!!

I don’t have a ur44 - I have the ur824, but I’m just curious if some of you aren’t opening up one of those new guitar fx in say dspmixfx instead of channel strip, like the “lead or drive” or something, which will have static hiss, as it’s a guitar distortion - even with no instruments plugged in. then if you forget to reset the channel back to “ch. strip” and exit dspmixfx it will keep that setting - even with dspmixfx closed, and as you go about windows (or whatever you do) you will still be hearing this static hiss.

it would suck if some of you are returning your device because of a simple error like that. I know it’s a long shot, but that through me for a loop for a bit one day. just because I was fiddling with the distortion fx earlier.

That’s a good point. Any amp simulator or digital gain FX always adds noise I’ve found.

I order a UR44 on the UK release, I experienced the identical symptoms described here. I returned the interface and received a replacement… exactly the same issue. I lost all faith in the interface and reverted to using one of my previous pieces of hardware.

I felt deflated with the interface and couldn’t be bothered returning it for a third time, I also thought it was maybe something I was doing wrong.

It was the same issue reported here, extreme noise, even without USB or a guitar attached. I called my supplier last week, and the unit is now on the way to Germany for repair

I’m not hearing this on my UR44…yet. Will keep an ear out though, as I’ve only had it a week or so.

I had exactly the same problem with my new UR44. Channel 1 started to make that hissing sound - even when there was no mic or cables attached. All the other inputs were working normally though.

At first the channel 1 worked ok, but later when I tried to play guitar through channel 1 there was only snap crackle and pop along with a loud hiss. Anyway, with microphone the signal got through but the noise/hiss came up as I turned up the gain. I think the fault could be related somehow in the channel 1’s hi-Z circuitry - cold solder joint or maybe just some faulty component on channel 1’s signal chain (?).

I wanted to like this interface so much, but I don’t have interest to struggle with this kind of problems with a new device. Especially as it seems that this is quite common problem with UR44, along with the audio channels linking issue described in another topic here… So I returned my item and got full refund. Now looking at something else.

Are you sure you don’t have the guitar FX or Channel Strip FX enabled?

I’m running mine right now as I type.
With no Insert FX enabled and gain on ch 1 and 2 full on I hear nothing.

If I enable an insert FX Ch Strip FX and gain full on either channel 1 or 2 I get nothing

However, if I set it to Guitar FX clean and Full gain I get a slight hiss, crunch louder hiss, lead very loud, and drive same as loud.
This is consistent with my experience of digital FX and gain, whether anything is plugged in or not.

This is the issue I was having on channel 1 of my UR44 - poor level, noise and distortion.
I was informed that a number of units have had the same issue and required return to Steinberg in Germany for the fault to be remedied.
It is unfortunate that a quality control process at Steinberg hasn’t picked up on the faulty units but to their credit, Steinberg have fixed my UR44 and it is now working as expected after a 4 week turnaround.


Stevo… :slight_smile:

It would be great if Steinberg could post the serial numbers of the affected batches so we can check if our unit is one of the problem ones.

My UR44 has now been returned after around two weeks for the repair.

I purchased the interface from Absolute Music and asked them what the remedy was for the problem, I was told the documentation was in German, the documentation of the fault was not returned to me so I have no idea of how the issue was resolved.

I have tested the unit and all appears well, but after such a troublesome start with the product (two bad units and a repair) I have not used it at all… will maybe sell it on and buy something of better quality which will give me more confidence that the product will last.

I received my replacement UR44 yesterday from Sweetwater. I too had problems with the first unit with noise and static coming from both input 1 and input 3 as well as lower output from lo-z input 2.
This new unit seems fine.
I am glad I bought through Sweetwater as I get the 2 year warranty.

I received a repair notice with my unit when it was returned after repair. It states that the INPUT IC for input 1 was replaced. Here’s a copy of the repair note.
Although Steinberg have not provided an explanation, it certainly looks like there has been a lot of faulty IC chips that have been put in various units and hopefully the change out will be the end of the problem. I think if it was just a soldering or contact issue then it would not have required a part replacement. Or maybe I am totally wrong :wink:


Stevo… :smiley:

I have hiss noise on output from UR44. I recorded short movie to demonstrate this issue. Could someone verify if the noise which I have on output is similar to that which you have on input of faulty units?
Link to the movie:

If this is not the same issue, do you have similar noise level when you are using amp simulations?

hahaha, this was my problem too. . . thanks hahaha, all fixed :slight_smile: