Loud input noise with the ur22 and metal tones

Hey everybody, I recently bought the ur22 to play at home but I have big troubles with loud background noise.

The noise isnt very noticeable when playing low gain presets but when i switch to high gain, the noise becomes deafening! Its a real pain because the noise is so loud, that you cant even hear if you are playing clean.

I already unplugged all unnecessary plugs from the outlet and removed other usb devices without any improvement. The noise also stays even if I turn down the guitar volume. I havent had this issues when using my fender mustang modeling amp with comparable settings.

Does any of you face the same problems or may this be a problem with my particular device?

My signal chain is: Gibson LP w/ Humbuckers -> UR22 (Input 2, HI-Z) -> Reaper -> BIAS FX -> UR22 -> Headphones

Greeting and thank you an advance!