Loud Intermittent Static Noise Cubase 6.5


I have an old Cubase 5 project I’m opening in Cubase 6.5 and every few seconds, there is a very loud static noise for about 1 second. It’s there even if I turn the volume all the way down and even when I haven’t hit playback. I thought it was the Amplitube plugin so I deleted it from the gtr tracks but it made no difference. It’s not happening on any other projects. I’ve read about intermittent static on other posts and tried running LCC but that didn’t resolve it.

Has anyone had issues with this from different plugins and resolved them?

It sounds like you might have a trial version of some plugin.

You could try bypassing all inserts. The new mixer in Cubase 7 and above has a dedicated button for this, but in Cubase 6.5, I believe you’ll have to assign a key command to this function. Look for Bypass: Inserts.