LOUD NOISE bug during playback

Hi there!
Lately I am facing a bug on certain projects. Usually I witness it with the use of Analog lab. Once it occurs it can reoccur many times on the same project, even if the Analog lab is not loaded. It is basically a bug where everything crashes into a disturbingly loud robotic noise when I go to playback my project.

I do not have installed ASIO4ALL (do you recommend it?)
I run Cubase PRO 11.0.30
operating system: windows 10
CPU: intel core i9 11900K
Ram: desktop corsair 64GB kit 3200Mhz
Libraries loaded on various SSDs

Thank you for your time!

My experience with this is that Asio4All is never going to properly work with Cubase. I battled that thin for ever with my Alesis interface that did not provide a driver. I bought a Steinberg interface that came with a Yamaha driver and it worked like a dream right out of the box. I think a vendor supplied driver is always going to be WAYYYYY better then that Asio4All nightmare.

Thank you for your reply! I see Asio4All caused you a lot of trouble!
Regarding my issue with the repetitive digital noise, have you come across anything similar?