Loud pop as Playback loop repeats then track is silent until

I run Cubase 7.5 and have been experiencing an issue recently when I set up a playback loop while mixing. As the loop ends and begins again a really loud pop occurs. Like, I’ll be listening at really quiet levels and the pop is so loud it scares me and I feel the speakers are at risk.

To make matters worse, when this happens, sometimes the track that I was auditioning will become inaudible until I re-open the project. It’s like Cubase is shutting it down to prevent the pops occurring.

I have a basic idea of DC offset, but haven’t had the opportunity to double check if that is what is at play, but it still wouldn’t explain the track becoming silent, which is a giant time waster.

The only difference from this project to others is that it isn’t very well tempo synced, or at least the rhythm of the band is not very tight. They did give me a tempo to work with, but the first beat doesn’t necessary line up at every bar. This is not the first time I’ve worked with tracks that don’t line up well with the project tempo and yes, I have experienced bursts of increased volume/pops in the past, but never THIS loud and it never made the track silent.

Any ideas?

Cheers :ugeek:

The audio pops could be the ASIO driver having an interruption in the audio stream. The complete loss of sound (the stopping of the audio driver) would be consistent with this as well. Have you tried raising the buffer size (raise the latency) of the audio device?