Loud pop at start of looping sometimes

I have created a simple 4 bar loop with just drums. Hi hat, bass drum and snare. Every 2 or 3 loops (but can vary), the start of the bar has this very loud sound where all three of these drum sounds play on beat 1 at maximum velocity.
It even sounds if i move the measure away from beat 1 of the bar(so no midi notes should play) but i still have the loop markers to play on beat 1.

This has happened for a long time, i just thought it was a bug that would be fixed.

The software is unplayable as the volume jump is random and spoils any creativity.

I see other people have had this problem but the tech support couldnt replicate the problem.

I am using ipad 6th gen version 3.3.3.

Hi @Msirt,

Thanks for your message.

Please provide us with a short clip that shows the problem. If possible, please share the project as well, to allow our engineers further evaluating the problem.

Please share these files via Dropbox and let me have the download link via private message.

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here is a project that has this problem. Sometimes it needs to loop about 7 times before the pop sounds.


(Attachment Drum basic (1).cbp is missing)

Hi @Msirt,

Thank you for providing the download link via private message.

I gave the issue a check on the iPad Pro 12.9" 1st Gen where looping the drum loop works as expected. Uploaded a short video, please find the download link in my reply via private message.

Please provide me with further details about how to reproduce the problem.


I have the same problem with the most recent version of Cubasis 3. I recorded my iPad and you can hear it.

I fixed it by changing the device latency. Find it in setup, then audio.
Strange how it it was fixed so easily just by adjusting settings randomly.

Thanks will look into it. It’s also doing strange things like if I close Cubasis and reopen it the playback is really slow.