Loud Wavs

I’ve been given some tracks to remix. The tracks are old tracks and quite loud. What should I set the pre-gain level to for the track(s)? The tracks are all from the same CD/Tape.

What exactly does “quite loud” mean?

Are you talking about a single file / full mix situation?

Your intended goals and what types of new processing you plan to do could dramatically influence your starting level.

These are full mixes. They were done before loudness rules were enforced.

Okay. You say these are all from the same “CD/Tape”. Is it a “CD” or a “Tape”?

You haven’t mentioned which Cubase version you are using or which audio interface you are using or how exactly you are getting these files into Cubase. If they are “CD” files, you should be able to import them directly. What do you see when you run statistics on the imported audio file as far as levels go? If they are from a “Tape”, you must be running through an audio interface of some sort and can adjust the input level at that stage.

More details needed.

They were on tape and converted to CD. I’m using Cubase 13 Pro. I’ve also tried running them through Izotope RX10. It helped a lot. But I’m not quite sure what to do with the tracks that are clipping.

So you have imported them directly to Cubase? If so …

A screenshot of the statistics display could help greatly here.

“clipping” might not be the correct term here. I’m not sure. What exactly are the levels of the tracks?

Also, the term “remix” still has me a bit confused. I normally associate that term with a way to rework/rebalance individual “stems”. What exactly are you trying to achieve?