Loudness batch processor FAAAAAAAAASTTTTT!

Wow, congratulations on the loudness batch processor.
It’s by far the fastest implementation I have seen.
We have a tool by pinguin audio here and it feels as if WL beats it at least by factor 100…even faster than Nugen LMB.

I’m impressed.

Good to hear :wink: I did not try to make comparisons, but I confirm the algorithm was fine tweaked :nerd:

OK, here are the results of my stopwatch.

I have analysed and rendered a TV show (roughly 1 hour programme at 48kHz) I was working on last week on my 6 Core Mac Pro.

WL finished in 48 seconds.
Nugen LMB took 1:55 to complete the task.
I haven’t measured the Pinguin Audio tool, but I know that it takes about 15 minutes for a 30 minute TV show (and it does not support drag and drop or does remember directory paths… :confused: and likes to crash a LOT ), so I GUESS it will take about 30 minutes for it to finish the job.

Big GRIN :mrgreen: