Loudness channel issue

Hi, all-

I’m on Nuendo 7.0.20 Build 468 (64 bit) - Built on May 5, 2015. Running OS X 10.9.5.

I’ve been using the Loudness channel ever since it was first introduced, and love how well it integrates into my workflow. Just a couple of weeks ago, the “Quick Analysis” feature stopped working for me. It draws a loudness curve, but no stats are reported in the Inspector (Short Term, Integrated, Range and True Peak).

It works as usual if I simply play through the piece in real time… but Quick Analysis just stopped working. I’ve tried poking around the UI to try to see if I’ve clicked or un-clicked something that I shouldn’t have, but to no avail.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any light you may be able to shed!


Update to 7.1.i had that also occaisionally with N7.
Try selecting another channel and then the loudness track again. That solved it most of the time when it happened to me (only worked with divided tracklist off iirc).
But I haven’t seen it a single time since updating to N7.1.