Loudness Cubase pre and post export different?

the mix level in Cubase is louder than what is heard on playback of the mix outside of Cubase using some media player program… this is driving me crazy because together with being the volume louder in cubase the true peaks are also louder (of course) so in cubase the audio clip and after the export is all fine, how can I have the same level perceive *loudness inside and outside Cubase!! if you know you are my hero

I know is something about the control room, maybe turning down the mix knob of the mix control… any more explications would be amazing

I’m not quite sure if you mean the volume you hear through your monitors. Because, depending on the Control Room volume setting and the channel volume setting in the audio interface, this may of course differ from what an external player in the OS plays back.

Or do you mean the stored peak level in the exported audio file? This should actually always match the peak level which was displayed in the mix output meter. If, for example, you level out to -1 dBTP sum output in Cubase and then export this mix channel, exactly this maximum level should be displayed when you open the audio file in another application (e.g. WaveLab).

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Could it be a double routing?
Main stereo out should be not connected to the outputs if you use control room.

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