Loudness curve?

I’ve just moved to a new computer, and the full Wavelab 5 which I used to use no longer works in Windows 7, so I have bought Wavelab Elements 7 a couple of days ago which will suit my needs fine. One small problem though, (and I’m probably being very thick) so here goes!

Regarding the section from the help manual below… no matter how hard I look, I don’t seem to be able to find the way of changing to the ‘loudness display’ mentioned from the standard wave display. Can anybody tell me where the button or menu item for this is!

Thanks in advance.

From the help file:
In the Audio File Workspace, the main wave editing window and the overview can independently be set to display one of three display modes:
Wave - this is the default waveform display.
Loudness - this displays the average loudness of an Audio File, which can be useful in many circumstances. For example, this display mode gives you an overview of the amount of compression applied to a song. The more dips in the curve, the more dynamics in the audio material. An even curve with few dips indicates that the material is compressed with a limited dynamic range (which is common for modern pop/dance music). Up to four different curves can be shown simultaneously in the Loudness envelope display. These curves have different colors and represent the average loudness of the signal in different areas of the frequency spectrum. This can be useful to visualize where in the frequency domain the loudness is “spread” at a given time, or to display the loudness of a specific part of the spectrum. The curves can be shown individually or in any combination.

Sorry, this feature is part of WaveLab, not WaveLab Elements.

Ah OK! I guess that was left in the ‘Elements’ helpfile by mistake.

At least I know now, so many thanks for your reply Philippe!