Loudness info in BWF Metadata

Is there a way to automatically enter a file’s Loudness info in the appropriate fields under BWF Metadata section?

Even when performing a Loudness Analysis i don’t see a way to populate the fields in the BWF Metadata Loudness section other than entering all data manually.
I see Loudness Analysis allows me to export the result in several formats but i don’t see one that i can then import into the Metadata editor.


You need to render with this option ON


Ok, i had seen that option but i didn’t get what i had to do next for the Loudness values to be displayed and inserted. The file has to be rendered!
I assumed the Loudness Analysis function would generate the required values that would then be displayed in the BWF Loudness section.

I am not processing or editing audio in these files, i’m only adding Metadata so “rendering” didn’t occur to me. I was expecting a simple Metadata editing followed by “Save” or “Save As”.


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UPDATE: turns out “Render” is not necessary to update Loudness information in Metadata.
“Save” or “Save As” will insert updated Loudness info.
“Generate Loudness and True Peak Levels” must be selected, of course.

Tested with WaveLab 11.2
Will test with WL12 later.

EDIT: confirmed in WL12.
No need to “Render”.
Save or Save As will enter Loudness data as Metadata in the saved file.

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