Loudness matching trick

About the Workflow
We have a game dubbing project in Nuendo. Unlike movies game dialogues are separate from each other, where one file corresponds to one dialogue.
Now we have list of original dialogue files imported into one track, 5 seconds apart from each other. In another track we record each dialogue just beneath the original events with the help of markers and the ADR panel.

What is the problem
We are trying to match the loudness of each event to its original counterpart(not to their “neighbours”, but their “dub twins”). I admit, we made some mistakes by not keeping the gain consistent across the sessions and now we have some recordings louder while some are quite. Because the timecodes of each event for a dialogue are same I assume there might be a feature to apply some logic to automatically match loudness of recordings that for recordings without a need of manual intervention event-by-event. What would be your trick to solve this efficiently. Please note each event in a track corresponds to a single file and they are independent from each other. Therefore, I do not think applying a track-level normalization would give a good result.

I would appreciate any advice.

Not sure if this helps but Reaper has a few ways.

Use the normalize tool and choose LUFS and take the same as the source.