Loudness Meter / Level Meter Discussion

I wanted to get some general thoughts on the Loudness and Level meters within WaveLab when used for mastering. I have personally transitioned into using only the Loudness meter and don’t even reference the level meter during the mastering phase. I’ve included an image below to see what my readout looks like.

This helps to visually see where the bulk of the loudness sits, how dynamic the track is, max short-term and momentary loudness, true peak of the file, and if I’m hitting the target I want. It’s perfect I believe.

For this track (and most generally speaking) I was targeting -8 LUFS, no more than -5 short term, no more than -4 momentary, true peak pinned at -0.2.

Is anyone using anything different than this, and if so, what is missing here that could be implemented.

On top of what WL has (and I still look at the level meter too…) I also have Meterplugs Dynameter in view. I think it gives a good additional loudness impression - but more importantly an impression of the dynamics in a signal and how it will stand up in loudness normalized target platforms like Youtube, Spotify, iTunes etc.