Loudness normalization option in WL Elements 8. Someday?

WaveLab Elements offers RMS normalization, but for today’s world this isn’t really that useful as was before. Especially when we are working with audio montages from different sources (artist,disc, etc) and this will be in a streaming platform.

In Elements the EBU R-128 loudness normalization (using LUFS) doesn’t exist. Will this feature be available someday in Elements? :frowning:


If EBU 128 is a requirement - and you are working in what appears to be a professional realm - hopefully you can find justification to move to the full version of WL.

Conversely - if PG starts sticking all the higher end functions into WL Elements - that would not sit well with users (like me) that purchased a more expensive full version of Wavelab so we can have these tools at our disposal.


Well EBU-128 is now kind of necessary for Streaming platforms, even for hobbyist now.

On the other hand, I do own Cubase Pro 8 witch is my main source of income, but the money flow in your realm isn’t like the one in mine (sort of speak) Perú, so I can’t afford so easy to pay the extra 350 euro to get a standard loudness normalizer :neutral_face:

I am confused - Cubase Pro 8 has EBU 128 metering built right in. Why not just use that?

“Cubase Pro comes with an integrated loudness meter that is fully compatible with the EBU R128 loudness standard. Precise measuring of integrated, momentary and short-term loudness enables you to keep track of your audio’s loudness and deliver in true EBU-compliant formats.”



Yes I has an EBU Meter, and there’s also couple of free plugins to do this but in real time.

I’m talking about Loudness Normalization, and if that was planned to be available for WL Elements . I use WL Elements 8 just to do the premaster stage, when I had all the mixes ready. a Two Click option for Loudness EBU R-128 Normalization just make faster the process of check the files.


I am new to WaveLab Elements. We have one WaveLab Elements 8 also have an older WaveLab 7 Elements license.

? Is there a simple LU Normalization plug-in or function in either Elements version? We are post processing church services audio for podcasts, so do not have sophisticated broadcast requirements. An elementary LU Normalization with 3 “sliding window” settings is available in Camtasia Studio 8, which otherwise has very rudimentary audio processing capabilities.

We would rather use WaveLab Elements than Camtasia in postprocessing the audio and can’t justify the multiple licenses needed for full WaveLab 8.

Thank you for any pointers. Best, Mark