Loudness Normalizer issue

Hi Folks,

I’ve been batching a lot of files lately using the Loudness Meta Normalizer. Recently when I use the loudness normalizer in a batch process, it’s been converting silent files.

If I do one file at a time it works as it should but once I do 4-5 files I end up with empty files. The files aren’t corrupt because I can always go back and rebatch it as a single file with no issue.
The file size and length are correct there’s just no sound.

Any suggestions?


What is the length of these files? (very short?). Is it reproducible on the same file?

Yes, it’s reproducible on the same file. I’ve been working on pretty long files 10-35min.

I’ve gone back and used the regular loudness normalizer and only ran into the problem once on a 35min file. What exactly is the difference between the ‘Meta’ normalizer vs regular loudness normalizer?

Yes, it’s reproducible on the same file

Would be nice if you could send me this file.

What exactly is the difference between the ‘Meta’ normalizer vs regular loudness normalizer?

Very different. The batch meta normalizer plugin, is used to make several files with the same loudness, by comparising them.


It seems like it has something to do with peak file generation. If I open some of these files in another audio editor they play fine.

If I delete peak files when quitting WL and regenerate it when I reopen it, the files playback as they should. This isn’t the case with all the files though.

But I also took a similar file and applied DC offset outside of batch mode and the file returned blank. (DC offset was one of the processes in my batch chain, along with meta normalizer and limiting). These files are all old cassette transfers so there are DC issues.

Here is the crazy DC offset reading that ended in a blank file.
The DC offsets in the selection are:
Left Channel: 73376840610475385148145664.000 %
Right Channel: 84466655319512737811225640960.000 %
Do you want to remove these DC offsets?