Loudness of input notes


I had not noticed this behavior, so I wonder if it is something new in D4.

When I input notes, say in the Sketch > Strings staff, with NotePerformer at the playback device, the note plays very loud. This is independent of the written dynamics. It doesn’t depend on the volume, but on the velocity.

Is there a way to choose the velocity value of the notes being input?


Yeah NP reacts that way to the sketch instruments, not sure why. Not a problem elsewhere with NP or other libraries.

I don’t have D4 open, but in 3.5 it’s in the preferences. I imagine the same in D4

EDIT: I figured the playback during note input would have global settings, but perhaps it’s not working that way with Sketch. My apologies.

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Yeah if you have a mixed score - sketch and non sketch, the sketch still play abnormally loudly. Strings map to solo cello I think, haven’t dug into it but I don’t see anything unusual.

Thank you everybody for your answers. I don’t know, maybe it’s just a hint more than the older D3.5. But it might be just an impression.

In any case, there is that global switch (that I admit I’ve never used before).


It’ll be due to the fact that those instruments aren’t included in NotePerformer’s expression map. Hopefully something Arne will address in his next update.

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