Loudness "Offline" Analysis in SuperVision (Nuendo 12)?

Hi there,

I’m just wondering if there’s a way to let a loudness measurment run with SuperVision as an insert and then check the parameters? For example, if I make a quick analysis in the loudness or track or after doing a mixdown Nuendo shows the measured loudness in the control room section but not in SuperVision. SuperVision only seems to measure during playback.
Since I’m mixing movies my timeline is usually quite long and I don’t want to playback the whole movie just for SuperVision. But doing the quick analysis only with the CR loudness meter gives me either program loudness or dialogue gated and I like to have both (therefore SuperVision).

Is there something I’m missing or is it simply not possible to measure the loudness of a whole timeline offline in SuperVision? Other plugins that I insert in the Main Bus simply “record” all the values during export.

Thanks and all the best!

After your bounce, have you tried right click on your mix file (or any file you want to measure the loudness), then select / Audio/ Statistics. this should give you all the info you need.

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Thanks! Not exactly what I had in mind but that’s actually smart. Didn’t know the statistics function displays both loudness measurments. I’ll sure use it more often now.
Still, would love if there was a way to measure both without having to bounce a mixdown.

I use the loudness track as I mix. not sure if you have tried that.

Sure, me too. It’s not that I don’t know how to get the loudness information I need. I was rather wondering specifically about SuperVision and why it’s not showing any measurements when inserted in the main bus and this bus is exported. For example, I also have the FabFilter Limiter as a True Peak safety in this signal chain and after exporting it shows me all the levels throughout the timeline and where the limiter hit (if so). SuperVision doesn’t do anything in that situation.