Loudness plot absent...why??!

I bought Wavelab Elements 7 to complement my Cubase 6.5 and Ozone 5 setup.

I read the manual and compared features before purchase.

The main thing I wanted out of Elements 7 was extra metering and in particular the loudness plot display.

After purchsing it and much searching it appears the LOUDNESS plot/history is not a feature in Wavelab Elements…BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT IT SAID IN THE MANUAL WHEN I RESEARCHED IT PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Needless to say I am angry and disappointed. I can neither afford nor need the full version: I already have Ozone 5! But Ozone doesn’t have that all important (to me anyway) Loudness plot over the entire track length.

When I tried the Trialware of Wavelab I used the Full version and then relied on the product description in the Elements PDF manual.

Does anyone know a (free) plugin that will plot the loudness over time; or another workaround?

And Steinberg!..fix your *%@!ing misleading Wavelab Elements documentation please. I don’t supoose I can get a REFUND!!


Ok, disregarding my rant…

Can anyone recommend a good VST plugin to plot loudness against time?


fix your *%@!ing misleading Wavelab Elements documentation please

YES!! +1!