Loudness track questions

I am trying to use the loudness track in Nuendo 11 and I have some questions. Maybe somebody knows answers and could help out. Some questions are maybe more like feature requests, not sure.

  1. There is a thin red reference line in the track which seems to be fixed at -23dB LUFS. Is there an option to move this? I use Nuendo mainly for music production with different target loudness, -14dB LUFS being most common. It is not easy to read the curve without a relevant reference line.
  2. I can’t see any scale to the left of the track, just a vertical line with a (configurable) upper and lower value. Shouldn’t there be a true scale and maybe a related grid in the track itself so one can actually read the values of the curve?
  3. What type of value is the curve actually showing? Is it short-term LUFS’s (3 sec. integration) or something else? When zooming into the curve it seems to have different values every second. So is that a kind of ‘gliding’ integration of 3 sec. that is newly calculated every subsequent second? This isn’t explained anywhere or I simply can’t find it.
  4. Wouldn’t it be a great feature if the curve could alternatively or simultaneously show LUFSm - momentary loudness?
    Many questions, I hope they make sense also to some others …
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I would love if one could change the red reference line!! I often mix dialogue around -29 to -32LUFS. It would make it so much easier to have the line match my target.

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