Loudness Track_quick analysis


A typical scenario:
I have finished my project, ready to export.
All elements are routed to their respective groups and these are assigned to multiple stem outputs.
Then I batch export.

All fine as it should be. But…say if I create a loudness track at this point just to quick analyze, where would that reading arrive from ??
Ideally, I would hope it’s from the sum of post stem outs.
How do I know ?

Can someone clarify this please…

Its taken from your main out (speaker symbol in io routing).

Great than…thanx Erik :smiley:

Now, directly related to this are the following, so please give them a +1 if you think they apply;

Hey Lydiot,

These two links brings up valuable concerns and the suggestions making sense.
But…workflow and methods used varies quite a bit among users.
For example…if I have to deliver different stem variations of the same project, I would just simply mute non-required groups or one or two entire stem outs.
That will reflect correctly in the reading of quick analysis.

My first post describes the way I lay out my exports. I need to add that there is only one main monitor out ( stereo or 5.1)
being fed from all stem output channels via direct monitoring .
So for me right now it works as it should.


Ok, but if you start muting channels you always run the risk of not unmuting them at some point. By bypassing that step completely that’s now something you never have to worry about.

Additionally, suppose there’s a benefit to listening to one thing yet measuring another? Then you can’t mute what is feeding your monitor path if you want to hear it (but not measure it).