Loudness Track

I’m sitting on a TV-Mix (R-128) right now, and I’m giving N6 the next try.

I love this loudness track! It’s fantasic to have loudness curve directly in project window and mix along. That is far ahead to all those plugins I tried until now. Really a great improvement! Thanks for that!

Two issues I have right now:
a) When having activated loudness track, and do mixing, inserts and edit-channel-window are blinking weired from time to time, not showing their content, just a strange behavior.
b) When having activated loudness track I can not select multiple audio tracks at once!?

(I do not like optic of the new CR at the moment, so I still have opened a third-party LU-Meter, which shows me True-Peaks on a 5.1-Track, and Momentary/Short-Term loudness on different meters.)

Weird. I’ll try to confirm later today.

I am getting different readouts on the N6 loudness meter and our 3rd party ppmulator.

How different?

I compared SB loudness meter and Nugen and got exactly same values.

Bye / Tumppi

Creating a fresh template seems to have fixed the problem :slight_smile:

Good for you, but that’s truly terrible!

Loudness metering is the last stop of verifying that what you’re sending to your clients is what it should be.


Not so much of an issue, since we always run our mix through the ppmulator R128 meter on the master section.

Something else what puzzles me: Why draws the loudness track the short-term value and not the momentarily value? Seems to me it makes more sense to see short peaks.
Might it be a good idea to make it possible to choose between those two values?

Or am I missing something here?

I meant in general. This is something that is last in the chain before sending out for delivery. We can complain about whether or not something provides a convenient workflow and that may be valid, but it’s ultimately nothing compared to delivering a file for distribution and getting it returned because the levels are off. Nothing says “amateur hour” like that.

Not sure I understand what you’re referring to. If you mean that it should draw a line with peaks then I think you’re missing the point with the function of having a loudness meter, because loudness by definition is very different from peak. I think it would be useful to have a peak curve as well, and come to think of it I’ll definitely propose that in the feature request section, but it’s different. Having a loudness track like this will enable us to project where we’ll have problems and also how program material develops over time. It could be useful in situations where we know we’ll want one section to be louder than another for aesthetic reasons and we can then “measure” that. Of course we should use our ears, but I can imagine situations where we might miss something like that.

Do you know what I mean?

The Loudness meter in N6 is spot on. Both Nugen and Waves show the exact same values.
They’ve payed attention here.

Why use the PPMulator on an insert when you have the new loudness meter in N6 (curious).


It looks like you didn’t bother to read the posts in this thread.

I thought I did :slight_smile:

I meant that the meter is spot on when works. If not then it isn’t. It doesn’t always work properly. That’s completely unacceptable.

I’ve not seen a problem with the loudness meter here. It always seems to work properly. :neutral_face:

Perhaps you created “fresh templates”?