When setting the loudness of a master using the meter in control room/meter, is it necessary every time to let the track play all the way through to then get the integrated loudness? If it is necessary to let the meter listen to the track playing all the way through every time in Cubase, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced plug-in that lets you set the loudness - or is that even possible? I hope someone can help me - thanks in advance.

Depends what you mean. If you mean play the entire track from start to end without stopping - no, that is not usually necessary. Sometimes it may, tho. It will, however, be necessary to find the loudest point… this can usually be done w/o playing the entire track.

Not sure what you mean by a plug-in that lets you set the loudness… you mean something that will do it automatically? Maybe there is, but it’s not the way to go. Sounds like what you need is a compressor and/or limiter.

Search the internet for compressor and limiter, and maybe watch some yt vids on how these tools are implemented.


Use the Statistics function from the Audio processing menu.
You’ll also find DC offset removal, normalization and numerous other handy functions here.
Apart from that I’m in agreement with Jeff above.