"Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola)"

I posted this back in the aftermath of Katrina; this is an updated mix with some new recording



Sounds pretty good to me Doug. I like the various instruments in there.
The accordian and a Mandolin I think?
Nice job getting the mix to sound “big” without distorition or muddiness.

I’d have to agree!
Perhaps a longer fade-out though?!.. :confused: :blush:


Great diversity of song styles on this page for you.

Very nice music and melody here Doug.
I really like the chorus. :wink:

Maybe too late now, but those low vocal notes are weak,
so what would it sound like a key or two higher? Seems you
still have plenty of range left in the higher end of your voice?
One or two fluffy pitch spots here and there, too.

I recall first time you posted I found a disconnect between the music/feel and the lyrics,
and still do. Just me prolly. :wink:

I like it a lot, nice song!
There are some imperfections in performance here and there but the mix is great.

Yeah, ditto on the above.
Seems like the key was just too low for you??

… I found a disconnect between the music/feel and the lyrics,
and still do. Just me prolly. > :wink:

This wasn’t geling for me feel-wise/groove-wise. Apart from Jet’s thoughts about lyrics vs music, for me something else felt at odds somewhere - which I believe is to do with the drums. It seems you’ve used a rather stiff, feel-less, fill-less, accent-less loop which I suspect is depriving the song of potential life and energy. I think it could be a lot livelier if there was more energy and enthusiasm injected into the drum track!


Good point Ian. My earlier version had a sort of shuffle feel using brushes. The problem is, I could never get it to sound right using my fingers. So a real drummer, or a real drummer inputting his shuffle on an e-drum, might be in order

Thanks to all who listened

I’ll probably go back and replace the brush hits that are right now falling strictly on 2 and 4, with something more interesting

Hi Doug!

A real great feel and - and I guess coz I’m an acoustic guy - I really had fun listening to all that mandolin and accordion Love how the song builds at 2:22 - masterly!! Just sorry that it didn’t keep going for a wee bit longer. Felt like the end was a wee bit anti-climatic. Can you extend it?

(My only other reservation is I echo Jet’s comments on vocal pitch near the start.)

Great mix. Finest thing I’ve heard in a while! :stuck_out_tongue:

I recall the original of this too Doug and am siding with Ian, I liked the earlier version better. Do you still have it? Maybe you could put the song together with the best from both versions?

here’s one earlier version that has a bit more rhythmic content. It’s still a bit clunky, however – that’s why I simplified it

I revisited this because I recently bought a Blue Woodpecker and wanted to see how it did on the acoustic guitar parts


Hi Doug.
I like this a lot! It sounds ‘legit’ for the genre that it is.
I’d advise you to keep the low sung vocal, reminds me of Johnny Cash. I think it works here.
Good choice of instruments.

I agree that the rhythm is too stiff - on both versions. The old version is a bit better
but those constant double hits are too rigid. I’d try auditioning some other grooves, and you might consider
a shaker playing straight 16th notes to smooth it out.
I think the mix is great, except that the bass lacks clarity. I can make out what you’re playing better on the old version, but on the new version you should tweak the eq and compression. I can hear the kick more clearly than the bass.

Good tune, Doug!


JC’s lawyers are filing a writ as I type. :laughing:

Oh, I don’t think Doug’s gonna take that comment lying down! :laughing: