Lounge for Sale

Ummmm, noticed a few “for sale” items, thought that was a no no here. Not that it cheeses me off or anything, if anything, it appears the mods are off being rockers someplace, and not reviewing things lately. Just sayin’ :confused:

Wonder what we’d get for this used Lounge? :laughing: Beer stains, sawdust and all…

We are discussing that.

As far as the sale of this particular lounge goes, I have a feeling it is far too soiled to attract any worthwhile offers. :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

You are the fastest at responding. As for this lizardarium, it would be like buying a used Ford, from President Nixon. :astonished: :astonished: Not the best deal. :laughing:

Are you crazy? Consider for a moment what would happen if you bought a used Ford today from President Nixon. That would finally prove, beyond any shadow of doubt, that there is Presidency after death. That would be worth a fortune! :mrgreen:

A Ford from that era would be considered an antique now… Gerry-atric even :laughing:

This lounge could do with some makeover, the curtains dont match the rug :mrgreen: .

:laughing: Now I get it. :confused:

:laughing: The reference might be lost on the younger or non USA audience… you might be in between I guess. You could have said, “beg your pardon” too :laughing:

Anyway this is drifting off topic and is more and more like the Seinfeld experience, its about nothing, nothing at all. Here’s your chance to be like Chris B :wink: (we also have http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=198&t=81361 - one’s enough!)

I’m dying of laughter here. There may be life after Presidency, but is there life after punnage? :mrgreen:

One of my cats is leaking since a day or two. Probably because he just got too fat. He was farting involuntarily before, but that was manageable. Maybe this could be a subject for this topic. :slight_smile: It’s the cutiest part of the cat-family. But now he’s just acting ashamed like i 've never seen before. And he’s just two years old… :open_mouth: Any help of cat lovers is appreciated! :smiley:


Isn’t there a plugin for that?

Cat lovers eh? Hmmmmm… :wink:

yeah, the poor thing is heading for the vet today…

Good luck. I hope everything turns out well.
Its always hard when you see the ones you love in distress… :frowning:
Sending him lots of positive vibes…:slight_smile:

Edit:- on another note, how is that clevo? Isnt it the same as sager? Aand: is it getting the job done for you?

He’s going to have a catheter inserted for a few days. The poor little thing…

Yes CLEVO’s and SAGHERS are the same thing. This machine is amazing. It’s branded as gaming, but what’s in a name. It’s desktop hardware in a laptop. I have chosen the 4790S which is not the fastest of the 4790 series, but it’s a little cooler. Abolutely fantastic machine for cubase.
Rock solid drivers, stable, no spikes at all, and the amount of power that is available is impressive. More then enough for very large projects.
Not heating up at all. So very happy custoumer here.

I also have chosen the NVIDEA 765 as a graphic card. That is the smallest card. It is not being promoted as latest and fastest, but hey… for cubase you do not need heavy graphic acceleration with lots of gigs. (in fact, look for that another topic under hardware (sticky), and they are pinning down the problem with those spikes and it seems it is related to the graphic acceleration)

Since this is the latest type of technology in a laptop you do not have any USB2 and only DVI/HDMI for graphics connection. I bought a cheap DELOCK convertor to connect my older VGA/USB touchscreen that i use as a mixer and this works perfect. There is also no internal CD/DVD possible due to the fact that you can add up to four harddrives. (SSD) I bought an external one and that is glued on top of the chassis. Is working ofcourse. And finally i had to install the beta drivers for my focusrite (18i20) since this is native usb2, and the current version was not supporting USB3. My MOTU worked immediatly without the need to install new drivers.

kind regards,
and tx for your vibes:)


Well that’s me on the Disoriented Express… :confused:


If its any consolation, i think ur a great cat and wouldnt mind traveling with you on said Express for a while:p

Since the lounge is for sale, it needs a good amount of traffic. This will raise the price probably! And cats are a good topic for that.
No ? :wink:


All the cats might make it so good that the owner will remove the “for sale” sign:p