Lounge is quiet

Not seeing much activity in here at the moment.

Everyone must be busy making music

Aloha A,
Quiet or quite?

Everyone must be busy making music


I have as of late been monitoring the ‘Made with Cubase’ forum
and there is starting to be some ‘neat o’ keen’
C7 stuff goin’ on in there.

Also in the C7 forum there is a sub-forum called ‘Miscellaneous’.
I have found in there that a few interesting topics have reared
their ugly heads from time to time.


On my phone and to quick to click on words it throws out :laughing:

Have you made the move to 7 yet curteye!
Scratch that I just seen it in ur sig

You like it?

Yes but C6.5 is still my main DAW app.

I have my 1st $$$ making session using C7
coming up next month.

Should go well because I have thrown everything I can think of at C7
and so far so good.

Looking forward to C7.1

Cool hope the first paid session goes well. :slight_smile:

I haven’t made the move yet I been taking advantage of the deals waves have been offering.
Got me renaissance maxx h comp and the ssl bundle so couldn’t afford to go up to 7 yet.

My first lot of waves plugins very happy with them.

Nice choice.

IMHO there is ABSOLUTELY nothing that sounds like Waves stuff.

Years ago I used to drool over my Massenberg EQs
(used with a Mackie DB8 console) till I heard some Waves stuff.
That when I realized that DAWs were here to stay.

Expensive yes; but the best stuff usually is.
At least that’s what my wife keeps telling me.


So true this is such an expensive sport! I find it can become either obsessive or addictive.

MUST HAVE MORE GEAR :ugeek: problem I face is cash and lack of it :laughing:

I really like the ren max ones I’m using and ren compressor quite a bit.

I just decided to go completely 64bit and do without my older 32bit plugins.
The only one I’m missing is my trusty old edirol orchestra still a great sounding instrument but roland never made a 64 bit
I forgot to mention I also got two softube plugins and a psp one.
They very nice too.

I thought this was an expensive sport till I got into upright basses. Oof… I suppose I could have kept investing in gear, but instead of investing into work I now invest into my new double bass love.

. December was crazy as well as most of the year, but year end is always one big push which shuts me up for a while (fried brains) so I went to an island for new years. Not a Hawaiian island but one warm with a bounty of sun to tan the pale body that sits behind a board pushing buttons.

Back at the grind though, relaxed and thumping away on my upright basses in my spare time.

Good move.

Seems to me that most of the stuff I own, that’s made from either
plastic, metal or glass is worth less $$ with each passing day.

But at the same time many things I own (mainly acoustic instruments)
tend to increase in value with each passing day.

So I too buy wood. While I still can.

Possible scenario not too many years from now:
“Great-grandad tell us again what it was like to play
a ‘real’ wooden instrument”.


I read that as trumping away on your upright basses… hahaha

Too many brussel sprouts :laughing:

Should use my reading glasses more :mrgreen:

just had a quick peek on eBay can’t believe how much the bows alone are!

Parp :laughing:

I’m actually working on some pieces again, who would’ve thought!

be careful you’ll go blind !

That really all depends though of the bracket that you are buying in, type of gear too. What I found and wound up doing was buying things in the price bracket where I would lose little if I had to sell or appreciate in value. Most of the things i have, i have had for years. For instance when I bought my u87, I paid $1500 for it and it is worth more now. How much, I don’t know but certainly more than 1500. I did make and lose a bunch on consoles. My last console I paid 2-3k on it and sold it for 600 bucks! That was when I went to a boutique outboard setup. So, you can still invest in things that will hold value. I don’t really need anything more these days so, double basses are my new thang. But all and all, if you can recoup what you spend on things with client bookings then yer all good.

For a while, I thought that gear lust would never end. For the most part, it has as far as studio gear goes. For Christmas, I wanted to get myself something and I was looking at a Shure Ksm 353 and thought why do I need another mic? All I need to do is keep working and forever get better at what I do so I took that and then some and got a new (to me) double bass. I play it every day. I sold mu other one than bought another one and now have 2 flipping fool sounding instruments made of wood! I love it! Yeah, wood is the way! :mrgreen:

Lol. Whan I was in puerto Rico driving around the island, my girlfriend asked me “can you read that road sign?” I replied, yeah, when it is closer!

I don’t even know what trumping away on my bass would be like :laughing:

It is flipping nuts if you ask me. A beater bass alone will run 1-3k. Just for something stable, playable and sounds ok. My prized bass is up past that but so worth it. It actually has its own insurance policy! When I was shopping, and this is all taste, I played basses that were $40k and higher. I thought some sounded terrible and couldn’t see how they could cost so much. There are reasons though. Too much to get into here. The amount of joy that I get playing db is worth the price tag. I never got this level of connection, grounded feeling and pleasure from a mic or preamp… Well maybe when I was younger, but I can’t remember.

:sunglasses: I am writing myself too.


No such thing as too much wood! Just make sure you take a break if your “practice sessions” go longer than four hours :wink: .

I hope you’ve looked at the Waves site recently. They’ve had some amazing discounts