Lounge Lizard question.

I have been using it since I upgraded to Cubase 5 last year. Then my hard drive went bad. I installed new hard drive. Reinstalled Cubase 5. Lounge Lizard worked fine. Now it wont. It says something about 30 day limit is expired.
I didnt have to buy it before…What do I need to do to get it back?

You´re in the Steinberg Cubase 5 forum. Is lounge lizard a Steinberg product…? I don´t think so. So how about contacting AAC…?

Sorry guys…My brain wasn’t working this morning. Lounge Lizard is a plug in that came bundled with my Presonus Firestudio Projects.
They say when you get old the mind is the first to go…It does go…but I can assure you …It wasn’t the first thing to go…LOL

Again, sorry for the mixup. Is there a way to just delete this thread?