LoupeDeck - experiences?

Any users out there? I just got the heads up about this on Doms channel.

Can I put PLE commands onto the touch screen?

You should be able to do anything you can do with a keyboard. It is a keyboard for cubase point of view so it is not integrated with cubase, but it can send cubase key commands. And you can do a lot with keyboard but not everything. You also need to use the default cubase keyboard settings and use a english keyboard to use the provided functions. I think you can re-program it if you have your own keycommands and not using english layout. But then you also wont be able to use the updates so easy.

Sounds limited.

So there’s no MIDI output to trigger generic remote?

Dont think so. Not yet at least. But generic remote is not much better then keyboards. You need something like Mackie or Avid protocol to step up.