Love 3.1 update; minor bug with chord diagrams

I love the 3.1 Dorico update. The chord diagram editor has a lot of potential but I may have found a bug. This seems to affect bar chords on the third fret, at least that is the only fret where I have found the problem so far. When editing the C major chord to turn it into a bar chord on the third fret, the text displaying fr. 3 is in vertical alignment instead of horizontal and truncated on the top and bottom (see attachments). This happened even when choosing C minor and using the system default diagram. In fact, so far, it is happening to any chord used requiring the fr. 3 label. This only affects Arabic numerals as Roman numerals display correctly (although an option to make them smaller would be nice). Also, the error only happens when fr. is used as a prefix. It displays correctly when used as a suffix which is what I prefer anyway.

One request for the chord diagram editor is an option for fingerings within the black finger circles.
Overall, a superb notation program keeps getting better. Thank you for the update.

Jonathan Klizas
Morristown, New Jersey, USA
Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 8.00.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 7.59.36 PM.png

Thanks for reporting this, Jonathan. I’ll ask Bill, the developer working on chord diagrams, to take a look at this.

Hi Jonathan, thanks for this - just on the point of making the fret numeral smaller, you can do this in Engrave mode by choosing the Engrave -> Font Styles dialog, and choosing to edit the ‘Chord Diagram Fret Number Font’ from the Font style drop-down list. Then you can change the size to anything you like (or indeed the font or style).

Also if you were to use the horizontal format for chord shapes, there is a separate style in that list for the fret numbers for them, because they are normally a bit smaller. The style for them is called ‘Chord Diagram Horizontal Fret Number Font’.

Meanwhile I shall investigate that alignment problem!

Thank you for the info, Bill.

You’re welcome! It looks like I’ve fixed the problem, which was mis-measurement of the text for some fonts. So that should be fine as from the next Dorico update.