Love 6.5!!!!

I know we are supposed to cry and complain here BUT…

I updated to 6.5 last night and WOW! padshop and retrologue are simply awesome, I only listened to some presets and was blown away by the sounds. I cant wait to learn more about them and make my own sounds. the DJ -EQ and the morph plug are also really cool and can add a lot to any style of music (if used sparingly).
I updated from 6.05, on a win 7 64 bit with 16 gigs RAM. I used to share in the problems posted here until I took my DAW computer off-line. I now use a little laptop to update the software…its a little bit of a headache to get things updated but it far out weighs the trouble I used to have. I would recommend this anyone out there having troubles.

peace to all of you nice folks, and keep making great music!

Krist Hochburger