Love Cubase 7.06!

The ability to make the mixer faders smaller or larger with H or G on the keyboard is great. Love the 2 row labeling you offer. UAD plug ins are more stable too. Love this program!

Nice thing to read. Just had to maneuver to get the actual update installed but finally I succeeded. Have to now check out these new features. I love Cubase! Thank you Steinberg!

Working for this one studio and they have ProTools10. It is so unintuitive and at least for starters it feels like difficult to use. I’m sure it’s good when you get into it but I’m not willing to learn. For what I have heard, Cubase has surpassed ProTools already some time ago.

All looking good here so far too.
Nice update.

Everything is GREAT here too,

Thanks Steinberg!!


There’s your answer, if you can’t be bothered then don’t.

I can tell you it’s nothing I’ve cared for; there’s nothing in a name.

The only industry “standard” here is ASIO, which SB developed and PT now implements.

Couple of little glitches; but all pretty good Here. Now to order my new Haswell IMac. Bring it on :slight_smile:

VST is also an industry standard, and who developed it? … that’s right :wink:

Best regards and a nice weekend to you all!

These are the reason’s why I switched to Cubase…thanks!

+1 on both Mac OSX latest and PC, Win7 and 8.