Love for the Black Screen GUI

OK, I may be a simple man with simple needs, but I love the Black Screen option! Thank you WL for delivering this in the new update. :smiley:

I love it too. I own many DAWs. Wavelab has gone from the worst looking to the best. Congrats.

Agreed. Now when I switch to dark theme it seems too bright. It even somehow makes other plugins looks better because of the surrounding colors or something.

Yes, WL9 is a beauty now and makes working very relaxed for the eyes. Thank you for this Black GUI option.

Hell yeah, the new WL 9 Design is awesome. I love it too…the only thing is that now it looks exactly like the iztotope RX Plug GUIs which make them hard to distinguish.

:mrgreen: Yes love the black theme, much easier on the eyes when working hours behind your screen in a black dark room :mrgreen:

Love that too… :mrgreen: