Love it!

OK - hardly an in depth review but my initial reactions are wow!
There is no comparison between H3 & H4, they are simply different beasts (H4 being a ‘paradigm shift’) I’m sure that there will be some ‘shortcomings’ for some people, but for me the upgrade price was well worth it!


some more in-depth experience would be great!

What ‘shortcomings’ do you mean?



Not an in-depth review - but a good impression so far. Well worth the upgrade price.

LOL - What I meant by ‘shortcomings’ is, whatever I think is amazing someone is bound to find fault with!
Personally, if I only had a 4 track recorder, a mic and a piano that would be enough! H4 is an almost bottomless production ‘toolkit’ for me!


:laughing: Thx