Love Mixconsole meter information

Today I compared plugin Alliance Maag EQ4 “air” eq compared to just gain a few db on the sound. EQ4 is a plugin to colour leads, instruments etc (used on madonnas voice, frozen) by raising the db on appropriate freq.
But anything sounds better than the original with higher volume. Anyhow. I doubled the lead to two tracks >put a Blue Cat Gain vst3 and watched the true peak meter in the mixconsole. With almost exactly desame volume on both tracks it is easy to compare. This could of course be done in C6 too but i really like the mixconsole info and meters.

I bought the MAAG EQ4. Only 89 dollars today 2 april. Ordinary price 225. :slight_smile:

MAAG EQ4 is apparently full of bugs and keeps crashing the host. I’ve read somewhere that it’s actually a mix of a standard EQ with a (poorly) backwards engineered freeware exciter. With a new gui on top, of course.

Is it true? Cause i havent bought it yet. Using 15 Days demo…
I have second thoughts. Tried it on my own voice. USed Steinberg studio eq and Blue cat gain. EQ4 on the other channel. Had exactly desame volume - 16. Average db - 25. Using 96, 32 bit. Studio eq sounded better.

I haven’t tried it myself, I’m just telling you what I’ve heard. But if it works for you, then go for it.