love my ur28m

I was completely happy with my Yamaha Audiogram 6 interface. I recorded my latest album with that and Cubase 6/6.5, and I was more than pleased with the result. I know the Audiogram is only entry level but I think entry level these days is pretty damn good.

But as soon as I heard those songs via my new ur28m I could hear quite a difference both over the speakers and via my headphones. There is a clarity and separation between the instruments that was not there with the Audiogram 6. Whether or not this will lead to better recordings overall, I don’t yet know but I am keen to find out.

Good one Steiny and Yamaha.


and i think the transients are clearer. (been listening to more previous recordings). There seems to be less “smearing” of frequencies - everything just seems clearer and cleaner.

I’m stepping out on a limb here but I think I will be able to make new recording ore homogeneous because i can now hear when they are not. Seems like like a contradiction to me - my recordings sounded more blended before but now that i can hear they are not I think I’ll be able to make them more so!???!

The mysteries of recording.