Love Needs Sacrifice (Soundtrack)

Most of the times I try to tell a story via my music

Stories usually follow the same formula which is :

1.Calm and prosperity and love

2.Introduce the challenge

3.(Happyish ending)The hero(s) overcome the challenge albeit with some losses and they go back to phase 1.

3’.(Alternatively though very rare) The hero(s) fail and we wait for the sequel so that another hero may rise

This “heros” thing is a figure of speech and they may be ordinary people facing ordinary challenges.

This song of mine follows the same structure and thus the name Love Needs Sacrifice… though the picture in your mind might be totally different than mine when you listen.

Don’t hesitate to leave your opinion. Thanks

That was nice! You built it up, you added melodic elements bit by bit, you changed things around, and then you went to 4/4, and then you added rock drums. The drums sound great, by the way. The transition to and from is beautiful. It told me a story!

Glad you liked it early21
I realize the difference between the genres are huge and some people may not like such a leap, but I believe that light has a better definition when it is side by side with dark and thus the calm in the last part is much more appreciated since it’s following mayhem.
The thing is most people that I know only listen calming music or they listen to hard and heavy stuff… to my experience it’s mostly us composers that enjoy almost every genre . I believe we look for gems in the rough anywhere we can find it and we don’t usually care about the genre that much. Sounds smug huh?! :laughing:


Thanks man