Love you can open projects in older versions! Is it safe?

I just wanted to say I LOVE the fact that with Cubase you can open projects started in newer versions in older versions of the DAW. I dont know if this has always been the case, but its AWESOME! For example I can open a project that was saved in Cubase 8.5 no problem in Cubase 8. For fun I even tested opening a Cubase 8.5 project in 7.5 and it worked there as well. I came from Logic pro where you cannot even open projects made in .1 updates in older versions! Thank you so much Steinberg for allowing this ability!! This was often very frustrating when working with Logic!

Question - is there any fear of going back and forth between versions like this? I haven’t done extensive real world tests, but would passing a project between Cubase versions pose any problems? Now obviously if I open a project that used a plugin like the Bass Amp that was new to Cubase 8 in Cubase 7, I’m not going to be able to use the bass amp plugin. But what I’m mainly concerned with is any sort of corruption or data loss when switching between Cubase versions in a single project? Is this possible? I’m just concerned because I downloaded the demo for Cubase 8.5 and decided at this time its not worth updating my whole system to use (currently run OSX 10.9.5 which is not supported by 8.5) but I plan on continuing my project in Cubase 8. I ran a test and so far it seems ok, but if anyone has experiences please share.

I always save a copy of the project for the version of Cubase used to open it with a suitable suffix just in case - ie MySongCB75, MySongCB85 as the amount of disk space used is minimal - it would be mad not to!