Lovin' Cubase 10 so far..it's the little things!

I think C10 is a marked improvement on previous versions.

The GUI scroll experience is a lot smoother and the DAW is a lot more responsive on the whole (switching windows, re-sizing, opening/closing plugins, etc.)

The UI update is much easier on the eyes. It not only looks nicer, but the buttons are larger and clearer, and it’s done away with ‘old computer’ type presentations.

Love the ability to assign inputs/outputs when adding a new track.

Love the convenience of the Media right zone, and drag-drop ability of VST effects/instruments. (also the VST thumbnails are a great visual cue).

Vari-audio enhancements are amazing. So much flexibility at your fingertips - and so quickly.

The contextual right-click menu makes executing relevant functions or processes is more streamlined and you don’t have sift through a bunch of menu items that don’t apply.

Audio alignment tool - hello!

Stability is excellent.

… Well done Steinberg, and thank you for your well thought-out improvements. I’m sure you are dedicated to an awesome user experience, and that will only keep getting better.

So far, I have to say I agree with you.


are you guys starting from scratch or importing old projects, because i got only open 1 old project of 10. Cubase 10 is uninstalled for me, it is a disaster so far… But sure if they could actually make it work it looks nice in theory so far for me

I always open old projects in the Cubase version they were produced and start new ones in the newest version. Did you uninstall your previous version?

Gotta say, I’m with you on this one. I think it’s a great update so far.

Love the new “video scrubbing with event” mode.

ARA 2 integration will be fantastic, particularly if I can use it to grab tempo information from audio as I can in StudioOne.

Nice job folks! :+1:

I’m happy with 10 too… All my older project seem to work, no crashes in almost a week, nice new tweaks and workflow improvements.
Still don’t like the dark GUI but that’s about it. And Cu10 is still slow to launch. Logic or Live are about 10 times faster.

Cubase 10 has a LOTS of great improvements, BUT it’s full of bugs, the interface is so depressive and the buttons and fonts are so large that my 1920x1080 LCD is NOT LONG ENOUGH to see all tools I’ve been used to…and the Audio Mixdown box? Totaly crap. Everything that used to be at your sight is hidden under 3 more options and you have to look carefuly for almost everything…just nope…

Steinberg please, bring the colors back! And make stuff visible again!

I thought the goal is to move forward and speed up workflows…this is a huge step back

I removed the processing load meter and put in the mixer and that gave me enough room for the rest of the tools.

Personally think the audio mixdown window is much improved.

Thank you Steinberg! Keep up the good work.