Loving H6

Don’t chime in very often on the Steinberg boards but I do want to say I am really enjoying H6. Nice job everyone.

Yes, I agree and especially appreciate Matthias’ intensive input on this board after the release! It makes me believe that Steinberg really wants to change the “release-and-forget” attitude which I felt during the H4 and H5 period. Just have a look at this H6 forum: it has currently 828 posts since its inception on Feb 9, 2017. Which is an impressive number given the fact that the old H4/H5 forum has only 8130 posts since 2010! Okay, there are those annoying license issues but I hope they will be solved soon. Apart from them, it seems to me that H6 could be a real breakthrough both in terms of innovation and sales :slight_smile:


I agree.

With a few more 3rd party content libraries and FM in a future update, Halion could easily replace most of my other VSTis.

I can see the day when all I use is Halion, Largo, Diva, Geist2 and BFD.

It’s a great update - a great tool and tight cubase drag and drop integration is always a win.

I can make a track just with it alone

Funny… That is exactly what I was doing last night.


My “not in folder, but in root”-list of VSTis (plugin manager) has become a lot shorter since February, 9th.

Oh, before I forget…

I used to use FM8 in the past for FM synthesis, but since I hardly ever used more than 3 operators, Largo does the job for me for years now. If you ask me, if there will ever be FM in Halion (which I hope), I think it should also include the synth oscillators which we have now. I can do all kinds of dynamic slap basses and pads with 3 operators, don’t need that much.

@Matthias (I hope you read that :smiley: )

The wavetable functionality in Halion 6 is amazing. I always wanted resynthesis and spectral waveform design. :nerd:

where can we hear it?
(PM if you want…)