Low Bb flat, treble clef instruments

Can it be, that dorico cannot show trombone, baritone horn, euphonium and tuba, as treble clef bb instruments?
On a weekly basis I work with concert bands, where there is a tradition of these instruments being notated that way.
How do I do this in Dorico?

You could make life quite easy for yourself by starting off with the Band > Brass Band template, which will give you trombones, baritones and euphoniums as treble clef Bb instruments. Then delete whichever players you don’t need.

There’s no mystery to how Dorico does this, though; the instruments you want are available from the instrument picker:

If you need to see the trombone in treble clef in concert pitch too, you’ll need to explicitly add a treble clef at the start of bar 1.

Oh, the other potential trip hazard is that Dorico doesn’t assume you’re in C major when you start a new flow. If you want any key signatures to appear at all, you need to add a key signature.

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You can also do this quickly in Write too if you need to modify an existing file. Enter an explicit clef, select it, then change the Concert or Transposed clef settings for it.

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Thank you. That will help alot when I set up my own templates/manuscript papers or what you call them.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :slight_smile:

Can I make an instrument non-transposing? Having a little trouble with the baritone horn at the moment.

No, you cannot change an instrument that is defined as a transposing instrument such that it no longer transposes. Perhaps you could instead use a C instrument, and change its name in Setup mode so that it looks like the transposing instrument you want it to mimic.

If you’re looking for a Baritone Horn Bass Clef in C, use Euphonium > C Bass Clef Part. Then rename it.